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Redmond's remains.

Michael Redmond
is an Agent of The Bureau and member of Agent Nico DaSilva's team.


Almost nothing is known about agent Redmond due to him not making a live appearance in the game. The player only learns about him during the Signal From Beyond mission, where he is found dead en route to the Outsider outpost, alongside fellow squadmate John Kinney.

He is a rank 5 Support.



His dead body is found while making your way to the Outsider Outpost in the mission Signal From Beyond.


  • His death is one of the three scripted agent KIAs in the game's storyline. The other deaths are those of Thomas Nils and John Kinney.
    • Of the three casualties Redmond had the shortest on-screen presence, only appearing as a dead body during the Signal From Beyond mission. His rank and class can only be revealed by looking at his section on the Memorial Wall.
  • Despite being a Support agent, Redmond is found dead with an M14 Rifle in hand, which is a Commando's weapon.
  • Though never seen alive, Redmond's character model and texture suggests he is of African-American descent.

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