Magnetic Weapon
Magnetic Weapons
Prerequisite Modular Weapons
Required Resources
Time Needed
Research Unlocked Gauss Weapons
Items Unlocked Magnetic Rifle
Shard Gun
Mag Pistol

The Magnetic Weapons is a research project in XCOM 2.

In-Game DescriptionEdit


An in-depth analysis of the ADVENT weaponry will no doubt lead to a greater understanding of their magnetic projectile dispersion system. This should allow for the production of various magnetic-based firearms along with further insights into Gauss Weaponry.

Project ReportEdit

Codename: Orsted

Having finally gotten a closer look at the Gauss rifle technology ADVENT has deployed among their forces, I'm fairly confident we can develop a magnetic weapon system of comparable power. The obvious question, why not simply use the ADVENT weapons directly, was discovered early on by resistance forces in the field. Some year ago, the aliens began integrating a sort of genetic-verification technology into their weapons that prevents them from functioning by any species whose DNA has not been pre-encoded. Unfortunately, the system also exerts lethal force on an unsuspecting unauthorized user - a fact we should disseminate as widely as possible among the resistance cells we have contact with. As for our own variation on the technology, Dr. Shen and I have taken components of the alien weaponry recovered from the field and utilized the key elements to develop a sustainable prototype. We can safely begin reproducing the system as the needed materials become available. R.Tygan

Trivia Edit

  • The project report for Magnetic Weapons explains why ADVENT weapons are not usable. Simply put, if used by non-ADVENT forces, the weapon explodes, killing the unauthorized user.

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