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A MEC or Mechanized Exoskeletal Cybersuit (aka MEC Suit) is a specialized combat rig utilized by a MEC Trooper in XCOM: Enemy Within.

XCOM DatabaseEdit

Mechanized Exoskeletal Cybersuits, or MECs, are powerful battlesuits that mount an array of useful weaponry and support equipment. Each MEC can be customized to fit specific tactical approaches. If a MEC Trooper dies, his MEC can be recovered and repaired in the Cybernetics Lab.

– XCOM Database, XCOM: Enemy Within


MEC Suits grant MEC Troopers the Hardened trait plus immunities to fire and poison, but can be damaged and require repairs. MECs can't use cover and can be armed with a Minigun, Railgun or Particle Cannon.

Production Specifications & Tactical InfoEdit

MECs are produced and upgraded in the Cybernetics Lab. MECs are built and upgraded immediately upon purchase and can be advanced through three tiers. Each of the tiers has a different name, bonus stats and a different selection of Tactical Subsystems; Tactical Subsystems stack with those from previous tiers for a total of three available on any given MEC.

MEC-1 WardenEdit

MEC-1 Warden

Prerequisites: Meld Recombination research

Production Cost: §25, XComEW Meld symbol small40

Stat Bonuses: +8 Armor Health, +10 Defense, +10 Will

A MEC-1 has the choice between the following two Tactical Subsystems:

Tactical Subsystem Description
Kinetic Strike Module Icon Kinetic Strike Module A powerful arm upgrade for the MEC, allowing the wielder to pulverize adjacent cover and enemies. Also boosts mobility.

A 12 damage melee attack that can also be used to directly destroy cover; can be upgraded with the MEC Close Combat Foundry project to 18 melee damage and won't end the MEC's turn if it was used for the first action.

Flamethrower Icon Flamethrower Allows MEC to lay waste to a cone-shaped area. Flame can spill outside the aiming area.

Does 6 fire damage to units in the damage cone, and fire spills into extra tiles at cone's edge. Sets fire to the environment and causes enemies to panic. Can be upgraded with the Jellied Elerium Foundry project to 9 fire damage.

MEC-2 SentinelEdit

MEC-2 Sentinel

Prerequisites: UFO Power Source research

Upgrade Cost: §29, XComEW Meld symbol small60, 10 Engineers

Stat Bonuses: +12 Armor Health, +10 Defense, +15 Will

A MEC-2 may add one of the following two Tactical Subsystems:

Tactical Subsystem Description
Grenade Launcher Icon Grenade Launcher MECs can make for their lack of thrown grenade capability with a long-range grenade launcher.

Deals 4 damage in a 3 tile blast range. Automatically upgraded to 5 damage after completing the Alien Grenades Foundry project.

Restorative Mist Icon Restorative Mist Medikits require fine motor control; instead, the MEC can spray Restorative Mist to heal all nearby allies.

Restores 4 health to injured allies within 2 tiles from the MEC, but cannot stabilize or revive fallen allies. Automatically upgraded to restore 6 Health after completing the Improved Medikit Foundry Project.

MEC-3 PaladinEdit

MEC-3 Paladin

Prerequisites: Titan Armor research

Upgrade Cost: §110, XComEW Meld symbol small100, 25 Engineers

Stat Bonuses: +16 Armor Health, +10 Defense, +20 Will

A MEC-3 may further add one of the following two Tactical Subsystems:

Tactical Subsystem Description
Proximity Mine Launcher Icon Proximity Mine Launcher Proximity mines can be deployed at medium range, and will await nearby enemy movement before triggering their explosive charges.

Each mine deals 8 explosive damage and is triggered by enemies who move within or through its 2 tile radius; isn't triggered by your units. Mines can also be triggered by explosions; either through grenades, rockets, or exploding vehicles and units.

Electro Pulse Icon Electro Pulse MECs can stun robotic enemies and damage organic ones with this area-of-effect electric shock device.

Deals 5 damage to all units within 4 tiles of the MEC and disables robotic units for a turn.


  • MEC Suits have four armor deco options: plain, camo, and two varieties of stripes.
  • MECs can only fire twice before reloading without the Ammo Conservation upgrade or Expanded Storage ability.
  • MECs can be healed by both Medikits and upgraded Arc Throwers.
  • MECs can have their movement range increased by completing the Advanced Servomotors Foundry project.
  • MECs can receive 3 additional health by completing the Shaped Armor Foundry project.
  • A MEC with the Kinetic Strike Module gains a mobility boost (about 3 tiles) over one with a Flamethrower, probably to compensate for the attack's lack of range; this increased mobility can also be advantageous if the same MEC is later equipped with the short range Electro Pulse.
  • The Kinetic Strike Module with the Absolutely Critical Second Wave option enabled guarantees a critical hit every time. The punch does 18 damage or 27 damage when upgrade by MEC Close Combat.
  • When upgrading to MEC-3, the description for Electro Pulse tactical subsystem incorrectly states that the system stuns organic enemies, not robotic. The information screen when selecting the MEC chassis in the Barracks displays the correct information.

Gallery and VideoEdit

XCOM Enemy Within - MEC-I Warden01:31

XCOM Enemy Within - MEC-I Warden

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