M1903-A4 Sniper Rifle
Type Sniper Rifle
Class Recon Class, Squad Leader
Ammo 5/10
Found In Invasion (base game)

First Test (Hangar 6: R&D)

Damage High
Effective Range Long
Standard U.S. military model 1903-A4 high-powered .30-06 bolt-action sniper rifle.

– In-Game Description, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

The M1903-A4 Sniper Rifle is a weapon in The Bureau: XCOM Declassified.

Tactical InfoEdit

The M1903-A4 should be the last weapon found by the player in the first level, at the bomb test site. Being a sniper rifle, the M1903-A4 deals heavy damage over long ranges, and the scope will stabilize after a brief moment when zoomed in. Its damage per shot is sufficient to one-headshot up to a basic Outsider trooper.

It is not without flaws, however. The first easily noticeable setback is its bolt-action nature which drastically reduces its effectiveness at short range and limits the capability for follow-up shots. The player will also be zoomed out of scope view when the next shot is chambered, which might cause them to lose track of an enemy. The M1903-A4 stocks very little ammo at 15 rounds counting the 5 pre-loaded into the weapon. Finally, it is a rather rare find, so if the player decided to swap it out, they may not encounter it again until much later on. Unlike the other starting "human" weapons, however, the M1903-A4 has a longer lifespan, the only replacement for it (Plasma Sniper Rifle) only start to appear around the final third of the game.

The M1903-A4 is the standard-issue armament of Recon Class Agents.

Notes & TipsEdit

  • As it is a sniper rifle, the time it takes to properly acquire a target may leave the player open to shots. Unless accustomed to firing on the move, one should always find cover to fire out from. Try to take potshots, as leaning out of cover for too long is essentially the same as not using cover at all, thus will defeat the purpose of this tactic.
  • Rather obviously, try aiming for the head to deal critical damage.
  • Assess one's surroundings: if the general topography of the current area is expansive and offers few reliable cover, then bringing the M1903-A4 might be a good choice. If the next area is anticipated to consist of mostly hallways, however, then consider bringing a shotgun instead.


The M1903-A4 appears at the very end of the first mission, with several units lying around near the bomb site's test terminal.

It is found in the hands of Recon-class agents. Agent Angela Weaver will also use a M1903-A4 to provide sniper support during the battle against Axis, which briefly becomes a powerful (and highly-spammable) Squad Leader ability.

Trivia Edit

  • The M1903-A4 Sniper Rifle is based on the real-life M1903 Springfield. The A4 configuration of the weapon was the U.S. Army's first attempt at a standardized sniper rifle. The in-game version correctly holds a 5 round magazine.


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