M1897 Shotgun
Type Shotgun
Class Engineer Class, Squad Leader
Ammo 6/30
Found In Invasion (base game)

First Test (Hangar 6: R&D)

Damage High
Effective Range Close
Standard U.S. military model 1897 12ga. pump shotgun for close combat.

– In-Game Description, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

The M1897 Shotgun is a weapon in The Bureau: XCOM Declassified.

Tactical InfoEdit

The M1897 is one of the first weapons the player will come across in the environment, and like the M14 Rifle it is fairly common. Being a shotgun, the M1897 deals heavy damage at close range, with a point-blank shot being sufficient to one-hit a basic Outsider trooper.

Despite its strengths, the M1897 suffers from a low total ammo count, at 36 shells counting the 6 pre-loaded in the shotgun. Its effective range is also very short and damage falloff is steep, thus when firing from just about 3 feet away more than one shot might be required to kill even a lowly Sectoid. This combined with its low rate-of-fire may make repelling an advancing aggressor (say, a Muton) difficult. Lastly, it is superseded very quickly, with the Scatter Laser being available from the second mission effectively replacing it.

The M1897 is standard-issue for Engineer Class Agents.

Notes & TipsEdit

  • As the M1897's forte is damage, using it for hit-and-run attacks is more advisable than standing one's ground and fire. Do avoid getting too close to stronger foes or groups, however, as taking the (rather lengthy) time to cycle the next shot is essentially the same as inviting the enemy to shoot one in the face.


The M1897 is found shortly into the first mission, on a crate opposite the elevator that leads to the Elerium Lab, where one first encounters Outsider footsoldiers. It is also found in the hands of Engineer-class agents.


  • The M1897 is based on the shotgun of the same name by Winchester. It is also somewhat historically accurate for the time period as the M1897 was fielded in massive numbers to U.S. troopers during World War 2, which remained in service until the Cold War.
    • "Somewhat" here being that the in-game model was a baseline 6-shell variant, and not the 5-shell "Trench Gun" used by the military. Also, by the time the game's event took place, it was all but completely superseded by the newer Winchester M1912, the M1897 was discontinued in 1957.


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