M14 Rifle
Type Rifle
Class Commando Class, Squad Leader
Ammo 25/175
Found In Invasion (base game)

Starting (Hangar 6 R&D)

Damage Moderate
Effective Range Medium - Long
Standard U.S. military model M14 Rifle. 7.62mm ammunition, fully automatic.

– In-Game Description, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

The M14 Rifle is a weapon in The Bureau: XCOM Declassified.


The M14 is one of the first weapons acquired by the player during the early game, and potentially their staple firearm for most of the campaign. It is fairly accurate, has manageable recoil, is fed from 25-round magazines and can cause moderate damage to aliens encountered in the first parts of the game, including Sectoids and Outsiders.

As spawns of firearms and ammo for ballistic weapons are pretty much dominant for the first half of the game, one should still hold on to the M14 even when more advanced alien armaments begin spawning, until Energy clips become more readily available at which point it can be swapped out as the player see fit.

It becomes almost redundantly common from the first level onwards, even later into the game, so ammo shortage will usually not be a problem. It does spawn in lesser numbers (but still numerous) once Plasma weaponry are made available, though.

Notes & TipsEdit

  • This is one of the first weapons available, and can be obtained soon after Agent Carter gains his first squadmate.
  • Most of the US military personnel in the game wield these rifles, and so do many of the major NPCs (such as Dr. Alan Weir) during scripted events or combat-inclined occasions.
  • The M14's usefulness diminishes when Laser SMG or Laser Pulse Rifle are discovered. 


  • The M-14 rifle is a modernization of the M1 Garand semi-auto rifle, adapted to a new 7,62x51mm cartridge, as well as an improved magazine and automatic fire options. The latter however, prove to be a mistake - heavy recoil of 7.62mm NATO prevent firing in burst mode with any accuracy when firing not from the bipod in prone position - the barrel climb guaranteed even the third shot would certainly miss the target. This feature was rectified with dismantling the selective fire ability - turning the rifle into semi-auto weapon. The rifle is gas-operated firearm with short-strike piston and rotating bolt mechanics. It is fed from detachable 20-round magazines.
  • The M14 is apparently one of the two "generic" weapons of XCOM Declassified, alongside the M1911 Pistol, as both can usually be seen in the hands of XCOM personnel during cutscenes or pre-scripted events, even in situations where a more class-appropriate firearm should be.


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