XCOM2 facility laboratory
Prerequisites None
Required Resources §125 (§150)
Required Power 3
Time to Build 20 days
Monthly Upkeep §35

A Laboratory is a facility in XCOM 2.

Scientists can be staffed in laboratories to provide additional assistance to Dr. Tygan, further increasing the speed of all research projects.

– Ingame description

The laboratory functions in a manner similar to the workshop, in that a scientist assigned there counts as two scientists, just like the workshop creates two drones for an assigned engineer.  Only one laboratory can be built, but two scientists can be assigned after upgrading.

Having two scientists both assigned in the laboratory decreases research time for the same amount as having four scientists but no laboratory.

The Pursuit of Knowledge continent bonus causes the laboratory to increase research speed by an additional 20%.

Upgrade: Additional Research StationEdit

Add another research station to the Laboratory, allowing an additional Scientist to be staffed here.

– Ingame description

Costs: §125 (§175), 3 Power Provides: Allows another scientist to be staffed here. Upkeep: 40

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