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XEU Light Machine Gun
Type Light Machine Gun
Class Heavy
Cost None
Ammo Reloadable
Base Damage 4
Average Damage 4
Critical Chance 0%
Critical Damage 7
Effective Range Medium

The LMG (Light Machine Gun) is a heavy weapon in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.


As with all conventional weapons, the LMG is available at the beginning of the game. Supply is unlimited.


  • Effective Range: Medium
  • Base Damage: 3-5
  • Critical Chance: 0%
  • Critical Damage: 6-8

Tactical InfoEdit

▪  Capable of suppressing enemies, if the Heavy has appropriate training
▪  Expends ammunition at a high rate
– Tactical Info, XCOM: Enemy Unknown


The LMG and the Minigun are the most terrain-damaging conventional weapons available in Enemy Unknown\Within: Both inflict roughly 1/4 of the damage dealt by a Frag Grenade (XCOM: Enemy Unknown) against destructible cover (three times more than the Assault Rifle), therefore being the most reliable weapons at the beginning of the game at exposing aliens via gunfire.

Given that a missed shot might miss both the enemy and the cover used by him entirely, however, this particular manuever is simply not an optimal solution against entrenched foes, being better suited for situations where the entire squad takes average/low percentage shots against an enemy in Overwatch, for instance.


  • It looks like the influence of the gun is from the real world FN Minimi machine gun, known as the M249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) in the U.S. military. 
  • When fired in a normal attack, its rate of fire appears to top out at about 600 rounds per minute, comparable to older versions of M-16 Assault Rifles. When used in Suppression, however, its R.O.F. Is much higher, at around 900 rounds per minute, comparable to an M-4 Carbine.
  • Judging by it's size, ammunition use, and damage it could be assumed that the LMG is rarely fired with any accuracy at all. Assuming that heavy caliber rounds are being used it *should* tear apart targets easily at any range. (Although this is probably for balancing issues rather than realism.)

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