Kal-7 Bullpup
XCOM2 kal7 bullpup
Requirement Unknown
Type Assault rifle
Class Skirmisher
Cost None
Ammo 3
Base Damage 3-4
Armor shredded 0
Effective Range Short

The KAL-7 Bullpup is a primary weapon introduced in the XCOM 2 expansion, War of the Chosen. It is the signature conventional weapon of the Skirmishers. Shooting using a Bullpup rifle only costs a single action and does not end the Skirmisher's turn. This allows the Skirmisher to shoot and move in any order, or shoot twice in a single turn.

Trivia Edit

  • Since the weapon's having an alphanumeric designation and not being seen used by any ADVENT loyalist troops, the Kal-7 bullpup is most likely an Earth-designed weapon, scavenged by the Skirmishers from armories of one of the now-defunct militaries of Earth's nation-states, as it is the case with XCOM's assault rifles.

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The Kal-7 Bullpup, wielded by a Skirmisher.

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