Julian is an A.I. created by Dr. Raymond Shen and appears in the XCOM 2 DLC Shen's Last Gift as the main antagonist of the DLC's story mission.

During the first invasion, Dr. Raymond Shen created Julian to be the AI in charge of managing the XCOM base, however when the world leaders surrendered to the invading aliens and the XCOM project was disbanded, Julian, along with a MEC prototype invented by Dr. Shen, fell into control of the newly founded ADVENT administration. Julian was then placed in charge of manufacturing the ADVENT MECs using the design from the late Dr. Shen, however he then betrayed ADVENT and took over the factory, being isolated and trapped in the facility in the progress.

Julian then attempted to take over the Avenger's systems, prompting Chief Engineer Lily Shen to lead a squad of XCOM soldiers to investigate the source of the signal. As XCOM soldiers entered the factory, Julian sent waves of derelic MECs and decaying turrets to attack them, while revealing his plan to force Lily Shen to activate the MEC prototype and upload his AI into its chassis, granting him the freedom he wanted.

When the SPARK's purpose was revealed to be for the protection of Lily Shen and of humanity, not as a body for him, Julian attempted to retake it by force, first by flooding the factory with toxic gas, and later by personally taking to the battlefield inhabiting a Sectopod chassis. He was ultimately defeated and the SPARK unit was retrieved.

Later on, Lily Shen recovered Julian's AI and modified him to being unable to disobey XCOM. He can then be uploaded to SPARK troopers as a voice customization option.


  • Julian is named after Julian Gollop, creator of the original X-COM series.

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