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John Kinney is an Agent with The Bureau.


Like Thomas Nils, not much is known about Kinney due to him being killed off fairly early into the campaign, and has even less screen time compared to his colleague, though he is likely very experienced and loyal as was noted by Nils when Carter expressed his worries about Director Faulke's safety.


John Kinney appears in the game The Bureau: XCOM Declassified and is voiced by Spike Spencer.

He aids Agent William Carter and Agent Thomas Nils in evacuating Groom Range and defending the nuclear bomb test site which the player character later detonates. He is also part of Agent DaSilva's squad and a rank 5 Engineer.



During the mission Signal From Beyond Agent John Kinney is found dead alongside fellow squadmate Michael Redmond on the way to the Outsider Outpost.


TheBureau 2015-06-17 06-10-18-569

Kinney and Redmond's final stand.

  • John Kinney is one of three scripted agent KIAs in the game's storyline. The other deaths being of Thomas Nils and Michael Redmond.
  • Despite being an Engineer, he wears pants, shirt, vest and a tie which is usually seen on Recon Agents.
  • Kinney uses a generic agent portrait, as seen shortly into the first level when he contacts Carter via radio.

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