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Invasion! is the initial mission in The Bureau: XCOM Declassified. This mission serves as a tutorial and prologue to the game; it takes place on 28 Oct, 1962 at the Groom Range facility.


You acquire this mission automatically at the beginning of the game.


The mission begins with a cut scene introducing Agent William Carter sitting on the floor of his quarters. The case he is supposed to deliver to Director Faulke sits on a coffee table as well as an open bottle of liquor.

Find FaulkeEdit

Escape the BuildingEdit

Find an AllyEdit

Open Hangar DoorsEdit

Open Hangar WindowEdit

Reach the ElevatorEdit

Defend the ElevatorEdit

Activate the ElevatorEdit

Talk to FaulkeEdit

Reach the War RoomEdit

Talk to WeaverEdit

Escape the BaseEdit

Reach the Rail PlatformEdit

Activate the TrainEdit

Radio the SkyrangerEdit

Defend the Test SiteEdit

Start the TestEdit

Defend the LZEdit

Escape the SiteEdit

The "We Will Fight Like Lions!" achievement can be unlocked by killing all the enemies before leaving the test site.



Aerial photography of the Groom Range facility indicates the almost total destruction due to the combined effects of the surprise attack from unknown forces and from the unscheduled detonation of classified prototype ordinance. Efforts to recover technology or personnel are not advised, as it is likely that enemy opposition has remained on-site. The survivors of this attack exfiltrated to an undisclosed location in order to evaluate counterattack options.

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