Incendiary Grenade
Inv Firebomb
Requires Experimental Grenade
Blast Radius 3
Base Damage 4-5
Armor Shredded 1
Effective Range 10
Effect Inflicts Burning

An Incendiary Grenade is an explosive weapon and utility item in XCOM 2. They deal a higher average damage than the Frag Grenade and inflict Burning on targets hit.

Tactical InfoEdit

  • Incendiary grenades will damage all units in the blast radius, and apply the Burning effect to any units vulnerable to flame.
  • Incendiary Grenades will leave Fire tiles on applicable areas that can be set on fire. Tiles with materials such as concrete will not have fire tiles placed on them.
  • Incendiary Grenades do not destroy cover, but the flames are able to destroy flammable cover such as trees after some turns pass.
  • Some enemies, particularly metallic ones (Mechanical Chassis), are immune to fire and will not suffer the "burning" effect.
  • 20% chance of 5 damage.

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