In The Zone
In The Zone
Class Sniper
Rank Colonel
Alt. Choice Double Tap

In The Zone is an ability of the Sniper Class in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Killing a flanked or uncovered target with the sniper rifle does not cost an action.

– In-Game Description, XCOM: Enemy Unknown


In the Zone allows for sustained fire as long as the Sniper continues to kill exposed targets and has ammo. For maximum benefit from the ability, the Sniper's sight range can be extended with Squadsight or supplemented with a Battle Scanner if available. Targets can be exposed by destroying their cover with plasma weapons or explosives or forced out with the Assault's Flush ability. Alternatively, mobile Snipers with Snap Shot can move to flank their enemies. Certain enemy types, primarily Chryssalids, Zombies, Berserkers and Drones, tend to ignore cover completely, making them extremely easy targets for an In The Zone Sniper. The downsides to this ability are that it doesn't provide an increase in damage vs single tough targets, and that it is accuracy dependent, which means its potential is lowered when using Snap Shot for mobility and in close-to-mid combat situations. It also doesn't work against enemies in cover, requiring specific tactics from the player to benefit from the ability.

There are a limited number of circumstances beyond a sniper rifle kill where the ability also applies:

  • Restricted to a single action-free kill with a pistol.
  • Applies to a successful hit with Disabling Shot – even if the target was not killed.
    • In XCOM: Enemy Within, Disabling Shot no longer triggers In The Zone if the target was not killed.
  • Applies after successfully stunning a target with the Arc Thrower, making the Sniper an unexpectedly suitable hit-and-run operative for this purpose as they can uniquely retreat back to cover after incapacitation.

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