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Improved Pistol II is a Foundry project in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

We've started testing an experimental cryogenic treatment for the barrels of our existing sidearm designs. This process will greatly reduce heat distortions caused by repeated firing, which should increase the aim of all soldiers using a pistol.

Project RequirementsEdit

Prerequisites:  Beam Weapons (Research)
Time to Complete:  7 days
Engineers:  10

Project Cost:

Research Credits and Bonuses:

 Name Type Reward Adjusted Requirement
 All Technology Research Credit -50% Time 3.5 days
 Weapons Technology Research Credit -25% Time 5.25 days
 Future Combat Continent Bonus (Asia) -50% Credits §75


  • Increases pistol Aim by 10%. Upgrade applies to all pistols.
    • The upgrade is still bugged as of the release of XCOM: Enemy Within. The bonus is overridden by the soldier's primary weapon (thus, it may appear to work if the primary weapon is a Light Plasma Rifle, which also has a +10 Aim bonus). It only works properly for Covert Operatives.
  • Although the Foundry project schematic shows that it adds an optical sight to the pistol, there is no visible scope mounted to any of the pistols.

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