Heavy Weapons are special wrist-mounted weapon systems for Heavy Armors in XCOM 2. Only a single heavy weapon can be mounted on a heavy armor at time and each can only be used once per battle.

Building an E.X.O. Suit unlocks the Rocket Launcher as the default heavy weapon as well as opening Experimental Heavy Weapon research in the Proving Ground. Building a W.A.R. Suit unlocks the Experimental Powered Weapon research in the Proving Ground opening up access to more advanced heavy weapons.

SPARKs are able to equip a single Heavy Weapon on their BIT.


Advanced Variants

Table of Heavy WeaponsEdit

Name Type Firing Mode Damage Range AoE Armor Shredding Special
Rocket Launcher Heavy Weapon Direct 4-7 27 4 2
Flamethrower Experimental Heavy Weapon Cone 4-7 25 7 0 60 degree cone, inflicts Burning
Shredder Gun Experimental Heavy Weapon Cone 6-9 25 12 2
Blaster Launcher Experimental Powered Weapon Homing 7-10 45 6 3 Projectile paths around obstacles
Hellfire Projector Experimental Powered Weapon Cone 6-9 25 7 0 60 degree cone, inflicts Burning
Shredstorm Cannon Experimental Powered Weapon Cone 8-11 25 12 4
Plasma Blaster Experimental Powered Weapon Direct 7-10 25 12 0 Pierces through 4 armor

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