Heavy Plasma Pistol
Type Plasma Pistol
Class Support Class, Squad Leader
Ammo 5/25
Found In Not of This Earth (base game)

Fifth Test (Hangar 6 R&D)

Damage High
Effective Range Medium
Fires an extremely powerful plasma bolt that can pierce multiple targets.

–In-Game Description, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

The Heavy Plasma Pistol is a weapon in The Bureau: XCOM Declassified.


The Heavy Plasma Pistol is the most powerful pistol in the game, and one of the the most powerful weapons overall. It is capable of killing an Outsider with one headshot, even up to Veteran difficulty.

The Heavy Plasma Pistol deal very high damage, but has a slow rate of fire, and holds only 5 shots plus a total spare ammo capacity of only 25. Due to its low capacity and ditto spare ammo capacity, it is advisable to also bring along a weapon with a faster rate of fire and higher ammo capacity.

Tips & TacticsEdit

  • It may be best used against one hardened enemy at a time, and is especially useful to finish off tough targets, such as an Outsider Elite or a Muton, that have had their armor or shields weakened by abilities.
  • Equiping a backpack that will enhance the weapon's effectiveness, such as a Rupture Pack or a Sharpshooter Pack, is also very useful.

Acquisition Edit

The Heavy Plasma Pistol can be acquired during a random mission or operation after the story mission Not of This Earth. One can be found in the first alien bunker just inside the right hand entrance.


  • The final design of the Heavy Plasma Pistol differed vastly from its concept artworks, with the finalized weapon using a different model entirely. The original concepts did make it into the game, though, in the form of the Microwave Gun introduced with the Hangar 6: R&D DLC.