Wounds and Recovery TimeEdit

Wound calculation in XCOM 2 is always based on the maximum health lost per soldier during a mission. That means that any in-mission healing is without relevance to this computation. Based on this loss. Each wounded soldier is then placed in one of four categories:

  • 0-20% health
  • 21-50% health
  • 51-75% health
  • 75-99% health

Each wound severity category has a minimum and maximum value for the number of "wound points" a soldier can receive. A random number between those values will be picked then and converted into days needed for full recovery. Depending on those 'days until full recovery' the soldier in question will be labeled as "Lightly Wounded", "Wounded", or "Gravely Wounded".


  • The range for minimum and maximum values per category is rather big and there is a significant overlap between categories. As a result, a soldier who lost a lot of health can get lucky and end up with a significantly shorter recovery time than a soldier who barely got a scratch.

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