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HEAT Ammo is an ability of the Heavy Class in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Confers +100% damage against robotic enemies.
– In-Game Description, XCOM: Enemy Unknown


This ability works against Cyberdiscs, Drones, or Sectopods, and allows Heavies to inflict substantial damage to them when using top-tier weaponry such as a Heavy Plasma or Blaster Launcher.

XCOM: Enemy WithinEdit

  • The expansion modifies this ability to confer +50% damage against robotic enemies.
  • It also adds two new robotic enemies: Seekers and Mechtoids.
  • Since HEAT Ammo increases all damage output and Mechtoids, being part organic, are susceptible to psi attacks, a Psionic Heavy with this ability deals 7 points of damage using Mindfray against Mechtoids, instead of the usual 5.


  • Available upon promotion to Lieutenant. The alternate choice is Rapid Reaction.
  • Even though laser weapons and plasma weapons fire energy instead of projectiles, they are still affected by this ability.
  • Despite their appearance, Floaters and Heavy Floaters are not affected by HEAT Ammo.

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