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Guerrilla Tactics School
XCOM2 facility guerillatacticsschool
Prerequisites None
Required Resources §85 (§100)
Required Power 3
Time to Build 14 days
Monthly Upkeep §25

The Guerrilla Tactics School is a facility in XCOM 2.

This facility provides several training upgrades for soldiers.

Class TrainingEdit

The Guerrilla Tactics School allows up to two Rookies at a time to individually select one of the basic four soldier classes (Ranger, Grenadier, Specialist, or Sharpshooter) and train for five days to advance to Squaddie rank gain that specific class; training time increases to ten days on Legend difficulty. Any training soldiers will be unavailable to go on missions.

Combat TrainingEdit

Combat Training options available for purchase:


Cost: §75 (§100)
Description: Enemies drop an additional item with every timed loot drop.

Squad Size IEdit

Cost: §50 (§100)
Rank Required: Sergeant for commander difficulty and Lieutenant for legend
Description: Squad size increased by 1.

Lightning StrikeEdit

Cost: §100 (§125)
Description: Units gains +3 mobility for the first two turns of battle while the squad remains concealed.

Wet WorkEdit

Cost: §125 (§150)
Description: +25% experience gained from kills.


Cost: §100 (§125)
Rank Required: Lieutenant
Description: If a squadmate dies or is critically wounded, gain random tactical bonuses for two turns.

Integrated WarfareEdit

Cost: §150 (§200)
Rank Required: Lieutenant
Description: PCS bonuses are significantly improved.

Squad Size IIEdit

Cost: §75 (§150)
Rank Required: Captain
Description: Increase squad size by 1.

Stay With MeEdit

Cost: §150 (§175)
Rank Required: Major
Description: Soldiers are more likely to bleed out than die outright.

Grenadier: Biggest BoomsEdit

Cost: §75 (§200)
Soldier: Grenadier Captain
Description: Explosives launched by Grenadiers can inflict critical damage (20% chance of +2 damage).

Ranger: Hunter's InstinctEdit

Cost: §75 (§200)
Soldier: Ranger Captain
Description: Attacks by Rangers against flanked enemies deal +3 damage.

Sharpshooter: Dead ShotEdit

Cost: §75 (§200)
Soldier: Sharpshooter Captain
Description: Sharpshooters have a bonus 10% chance to critically hit enemies.

Specialist: Cool Under PressureEdit

Cost: §75 (§200)
Soldier: Specialist Captain
Description: Specialists on overwatch gain +10 Aim and the ability to critically hit when taking overwatch and reaction shots.


  • All upgrades take immediate effect.
  • The bonuses for the class-specific upgrades only apply to soldiers of that class.
  • The Guerrilla Tactics School fulfills a near identical role to the Officer Training School in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

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