TheBureau GroomRange

Groom Range is a military facility and is the first location and the mission in The Bureau: XCOM Declassified. The base's function was to operate as a research centre, whilst also operating as a dispatch centre for the United States Air Force and housing a sizable mechanized unit. The location played host to secret meeting between Director Myron Faulke, General Deems and FBI director J. Edgar Hoover shortly before the facility fell under alien attack. Groom Range was subsequently destroyed following the extraction of Director Myron Faulke by CIA Agent William Carter, Agent Angela Weaver, Agent Thomas Nills and Agent John Kinney by Leon Barnes in a Skyranger aircraft, when an atomic warhead was deployed by the retreating William Carter.


Groom Range was for a variety of investigations, studies and tests relating to the extraterrestrial element Elerium, of which sizable amounts had been recovered by the new Bureau of Strategic Emergency Command. CIA Agent William Carter was dispatched there by the CIA to deliver a mysterious package to Director Myron Faulke, who was attending a secret high level meeting with FBI Director J.Edgar Hoover and General Deems, both of whom were certain recently intercepted communications were of Soviet origin. The facility itself seemed to have a large US military presence, with a unit of M4 Sherman Tanks and Willys MA jeeps, including US Supply trucks. A sizable Air Unit was maintained at the facility, with the presence of propeller and jet aircraft, notably the F-80 Shooting Star, indicating the site was of notable strategic value, at least to the extent that it had its own security force comprised of US soldiers.

Groom Range consisted of a number of aircraft hangars and storage facilities, including munitions and supplies, the hangars were not restricted to simply house munitions or supplies, they also housed Supply trucks and weaponry, including a number of M14 Rifles, M1897 Shotguns. The other portion of topside facilities and structures appear to be office and accommodation space, including an officers quarters, which William Carter appears to have resided in prior to the attack on Groom Range. The underground level of the facility is simply a vast stretch of laboratories, co-ordination and office spaces, including a safe room where high level meetings between high ranking officials could possibly have taken place, though there is a Rail line within the facility that leads out to the nuclear testing site, some miles off of the base itself, possibly accessible by road.

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