Skeleton Suit (Armor)

Definition Edit

Grapples comprise a hook, a cable, a launcher, a powered winch and a harness, which allows all this to be affixed to a soldier's body. Typically mounted on the left vambrace of specially designed suits, the grapple enables a soldier to rapidly change their elevation, and often travel significant horizontal distances as well. This can allow a soldier to reach tactically advantageous positions, far faster than normal.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown/Enemy Within Edit

Grapples are part of the Skeleton Suit and Ghost Armor. Grappling was considered a move and used and action point.

XCOM 2Edit

Grapples are part of the Spider Suit, Wraith Suit, and Serpent Suit. The grappling mechanic was changed to be a free action, with a 3 turn cool down. This allows Sharpshooters some ability to move and fire their rifle in same turn.

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