The game difficulty in The Bureau: XCOM Declassified can be set at one of four levels: Rookie, Squaddie, Veteran, or Commander. Each difficulty setting affects a number of game parameters creating a slight learning curve between difficulties. The difficulty setting can be changed (up or down) at any point in the game but may affect your ability to claim certain Achievements.


Enemies will put up a fight, but the odds are stacked in your favor.

Incapacitated agents bleed out slowly, with more time to revive them. Add new agents, after combat, and at mid-mission resupply stations.


The enemy will offer stiff resistance. Revive incapacitated agents before they bleed out. Recruit new agents at the base and at mid-mission resupply stations.


You will need tactics and teamwork to prevail. Agents that are not revived will bleed out and die. The base is the only location to recruit new agents, so manage the roster carefully.


Exploit Every Tactical Advantage to survive. Incapacitated agents can only be stabilized. saved from death but unavailable for the rest of the fight. Recruit new agents at the base.

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