Frozen is a status effect introduced in the Alien Hunters DLC for XCOM 2. A frozen unit is unable to preform actions, and has its natural Defense and Dodge stats reduced to 0, increasing aim chances against targets such as Mutons, who have a natural Defense of 10.

Additionally, all status effects, like Panic or Burning, will be removed upon being Frozen. However, this does not prevent status effects from being applied after Frozen.

Causes Edit

Frozen can be inflicted by...

Effects Edit

  • Prevents unit from preforming any action.
  • Natural Defense and Dodge stats reduced to 0.
  • Removes all status effects when Frozen is applied.
  • There are no units that are immune to Frozen, nor is there any way to remedy it.
  • Varying turn (2 actions in the case of Alien Rulers or 1 action in the case of Sectopods) duration based on unit.

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