The charges on this grenade don't seem all that powerful, but according to Shen, the liquefied gases inside should lead to an instantaneous freeze effect.

– Central Officer Bradford after equipping the Frost Bomb on a soldier for the first time.

The Frost Bomb is a Grenade exclusive to XCOM 2's Alien Hunters DLC. It launches a grenade containing a gas that quickly solidifies after detonation, freezing the target.

In-Game Description Edit

  • Frost Bombs freeze all units in the blast radius, preventing them from taking any actions for one turn
  • Frost bombs have a smaller radius than standard frag grenades

In-game effects Edit

  • Normally, this grenade deals no damage but any units caught in the blast radius are frozen solid for one turn.
    • This effect also prevents all reaction abilities, such as a Codex's duplication, a Chosen's reactive teleport from Planewalker, Revenge shots and even Ruler Reactions.
    • Rulers, however, interact differently with the Frozen debuff, as each Ruler Reaction negated by it will count as an individual tick towards the effect's expiration.
    • The Grenadier's Volatile Mix combat tactic may cause even non-damaging grenades, such as the Flashbang and the Frost Bomb, to deal 2 points of damage on a critical hit.
    • Freezing an enemy who has created Psi Zombies and/or is mind controlling a unit will cancel both effects. Given their immunity to Flashbangs, this is the only non-lethal way to free an XCOM operative being mind controlled by the Warlock or an Avatar.