The Frost Bomb is a Grenade exclusive to XCOM 2's Alien Hunters DLC. It launches a grenade containing a gas that quickly solidifies after detonation, freezing the target.

In-Game Description Edit

  • Frost Bombs freeze all units in the blast radius, preventing them from taking any actions for one turn
  • Frost bombs have a smaller radius than standard frag grenades

Central's comments Edit

"The charges on this grenade don't seem all that powerful, but according to Shen, the liquefied gases inside should lead to an instantaneous freeze effect."

In-game effects Edit

  • This grenade deals no damage, but any units caught in the blast radius are frozen solid for one turn.
    • This even applies for Rulers during their Reaction Phase
    • Most importantly, it releases reanimated body's and mind control when the offending enemy is targeted.
    • This also prevents response abilities, such as a Codex's duplication, or a Chosen's reactive teleport from Planewalker. This can make early Codex encounters far less dangerous than they would be otherwise