Frag Grenade
Inv Frag Grenade
Blast Radius 3
Base Damage 3-4
Armor Shredded 1
Effective Range 10

A Frag Grenade is an explosive weapon and utility item in XCOM 2.

Tactical InfoEdit

  • Frag grenades are useful for removing or "shredding" enemy armor.
  • Frag grenades are effective at damaging low-level ADVENT foes, but tougher enemies will shrug them off.
  • Grenades can destroy a target's equipment, so relying on grenades too much will reduce salvage opportunities.
  • The base damage is 3 with a 20% chance to roll a 4.
  • If an ADVENT Soldier's equipment is destroyed by a grenade and afterwards resurrected by a Sectoid, killing the Psi Zombie will result in that Zombie dropping the equipment.

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