Requirement Experimental Heavy Weapon
Type Heavy Weapon
Ammo 1
Base Damage 4-7
Effective Range 25
Radius 7
Other Notes 60 degree cone

The Flamethrower is a heavy weapon in XCOM 2. Like all heavy weapons, it can only be mounted on heavy armor.

This weapon sprays flames in an area, dealing moderate damage and inflicting Burning on the target. Flame will cover all tiles affected by the weapon, which cause burning to units that move on them. This weapon is useful for denying some melee-oriented units like Chryssalids and Stun Lancers, who cannot melee attack while Burning.

This weapon is likely to panic targets that it is used on.

Mechanical units are completely unaffected by this weapon.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

This wrist-mounted flamethrower relies on a super-pressurized fuel canister and a very focused nozzle to unleash a deadly cone of fire on multiple enemies.


Fire Flamethrower: Sprays flames in a cone-shaped area.

Tactical InfoEdit

  • The Flamethrower is an area-of-effect weapon that can lay waste to part of the battlefield.
  • It is useful against multiple enemies, and at close quarters. Robotic enemies will be resistant or immune to its effects, however.
  • Organic enemies may panic when targeted by the Flamethrower.

–Inventory description, XCOM 2


  • Base damage is 4-6 with an average of 5 and a 10% chance to get additional point of damage.

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