Requirement Experimental Heavy Weapon
Type Heavy Weapon
Ammo 1
Base Damage 4-7
Effective Range 25
Radius 7
Other Notes 60 degree cone

The Flamethrower is a heavy weapon in XCOM 2. Like all heavy weapons, it can only be mounted on heavy armor.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

This wrist-mounted flamethrower relies on a super-pressurized fuel canister and a very focused nozzle to unleash a deadly cone of fire on multiple enemies.


Fire Flamethrower: Sprays flames in a cone-shaped area.

Tactical InfoEdit

  • The Flamethrower is an area-of-effect weapon that can lay waste to part of the battlefield.
  • It is useful against multiple enemies, and at close quarters. Robotic enemies will be resistant or immune to its effects, however.
  • Organic enemies may panic when targeted by the Flamethrower.

–Inventory description, XCOM 2


  • The E.X.O. Suit can only carry a single charge of the Flamethrower per mission in its heavy weapon slot.
  • The Flamethrower allows the E.X.O. Suit to spray a cone of fire in the targeted direction. Enemies hit by the flamethrower have a chance of being inflicted by the Burning status effect, which deals damage for a limited amount of turns and impair's the affected unit's ability to use special skills. Organic enemies caught in the flames also have a chance to panic, making them unable to move or attack after performing a random action for a single turn. Robotic enemies however will take reduced effects from burning, and cannot be panicked.
  • Base damage is 4-6 with an average of 5 and a 10% chance to get additional point of damage.

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