Facility Lead
Prerequisite A Facility Lead has been recovered during a mission.
Required Resources 1 Facility Lead
50 Intel
Time Needed
Other Notes Reveals facility mission on Geoscape.

A Facility Lead is a research project in XCOM 2.

Facility Leads can be recovered as hacking rewards; typically from objectives or when using a Skulljack after the Skullmining project.

In-Game DescriptionEdit


Our forces recently uncovered information that could lead us to the location of one of ADVENT's remote facilities. If we can successfully decrypt the recovered data, it will provide specific coordinates allowing for a tactical strike.

Project ReportEdit

Codename: Insight

Although it was a time-intensive process, I was able to successfully decrypt the ADVENT data recovered by our troops in the field. As expected, the information includes the exact coordinates for one of ADVENT's remote facilities. With this knowledge in hand, we should be able to deploy a strike team to infiltrate and destroy the facility. I have no doubts that the loss of this site will deal a significant blow to the aliens' efforts towards the Avatar Project. R.Tygan.


  • Reveals a facility mission on the Geoscape.
    • More precisely, it unlocks a mission in an Avatar Facility that was already revealed but outside your resistance contacts network. One facility assault mission that previously was displayed on the Geoscape with a lock icon over it is now displayed without a lock, even though it's in a territory which you haven't contacted yet.

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