The Faceless is an alien enemy encountered in XCOM 2. It serves as the aliens' primary infiltration unit, replacing the Viper's Thin Man form.

Description Edit

This unit disguises itself as a normal-looking human until provoked, whereupon it transforms into its true, alien form. Unnaturally tall and consisting of a gelatinous fluid, these alien foes have significant reach with their claws. The Faceless can move both farther and with more agility than may be expected from their size and lumbering gait.

The threat of this unit being hidden among the general populace in conjunction with civilians having a chance of removing concealment from the squad makes not only civilian rescue missions, but civilians in general much more of a liability.

Abilities Edit

  • Claws: The Faceless' only attack is an area-of-effect (3 tiles) melee swipe with its claws that can damage multiple units and destroy cover.
  • Regeneration: The Faceless can automatically self-heal at the end of their turn.
  • Leap: The Faceless can jump to higher surfaces such as roofs and cliffs.


  • Have a teammate on Overwatch so you can get some damage on it before it has a chance to attack.
  • Use the Specialist's Scanning Protocol or the Battle Scanner to force all Faceless in a big radius to reveal themselves.
  • Avoid putting your soldiers in range of a Faceless if they are elevated: their AOE swipe can destroy floors under a target, making your soldiers take damage from the attack as well as potentially lethal falling damage.
  • Similarly, if a Faceless attacks a target next to explosive cover, such as a car, the AOE attack will destroy the cover, exploding it and dealing additional damage - including the Faceless themselves.
  • The Faceless do not take cover and have a defense stat of 0 on all difficulties; it is not difficult to hit them, especially from elevation.

Notes Edit

  • Due to a bug, soldiers may not be able to shoot the Faceless if it reveals itself during the player's turn.
  • Civilians that turn out to be a Faceless in disguise do not count against the remaining civilians in Retaliation missions.
  • On Rookie difficulty Faceless units will not stay disguised as civilians like on higher difficulties. After a few turns in a Retaliation mission the Faceless will reveal themselves, as opposed to staying permanently disguised until a soldier reveals them.
  • If the squad kills all other enemies on the map, all Faceless left will automatically reveal themselves.
  • These enemies are most common on Retaliation missions, but they can appear in any mission with civilians present if the "Alien Infiltrator" Dark Event is active.
  • The Faceless do not target Mimic Beacons.
  • The Faceless is believed to be a reference to X-Com: Terror from the Deep's Deep Ones and Calcinites. The Calcinite is a gelatinous creature (albeit in a diving suit) that attacks with powerful close-combat claws; the Deep One has a face that looks almost exactly like the Faceless, complete with red eyes.
  • The Faceless's regeneration ability will cure Burning at the end of a turn.
  • On Legendary a Faceless will still melee even when disoriented

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