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The Engineer Class is one of the Agent types in The Bureau: XCOM Declassified.



As for all other classes the first-rank passive ability (Background) choice includes standard trainings for ability or health regeneration or damage dealing or receiving boosts.

Rank Abilities Bonus Passive Bonus
1 Scatter Causes enemies to panic and flee an area. Grease Monkey [Choice] Expands time duration of all abilities. Set up XCOM cannons have additional HP.
Gunsmith [Choice] Increases weapon accuracy.
2 Mine Deploys an explosive proximity mine. Endurance Increases maximum health.
3 None N/A Demolitions Expert [Choice] The Mine ability recharges faster.
Shotgunner [Choice] Increases accuracy and damage with weapons.
4 Rocket Turret [Choice] Deploys a powerful Rocket Turret. Endurance Increases maximum health.
Laser Turret [Choice] Deploys a rapid-fire Laser Turret.
5 None N/A Fortified Turrets [Choice] Turrets now deploy with a shield.
Monkey Wrench [Choice] Increases squad damage against mechanical enemies.
Heavy Metals [Given] Increases damage from all deployed weapons.


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