For the enemy in XCOM: Enemy Unknown, see Muton Elite.
Elite Muton
TheBureau EliteMuton
Type Elite Enforcer
Weapon Scatter Laser
Abilities Plasma Field

Ground Pound Jetpack

Durability Very High
Heavily armored, implacable foe - destroy an armor section, then focus on the flesh underneath, can engage jets at a distance, and deploys a plasma field dealing damage over time in an area.

–Intel description, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified.

The Elite Muton is an enemy in The Bureau: XCOM Declassified.


These intimidating creatures are the veterans amongst Mutons, and wear even heavier ablative armor equipped with jetpacks, which gives them increased mobility compared to their lesser brethren and the ability to land behind enemy fortifications. These beasts are armed with Scatter Lasers.

Elite Mutons have an ability similar to the Commando's Plasma Field. This ability is thrown from the attacking Elite Muton and can be arced over low cover to affect a sizable area of previous safety. This AoE ability does moderate, constant damage and is devastating even on lower difficulties.  

Thankfully, like the normal Muton, Elite Mutons are relatively rare and are never encountered in multiples.

Tips & TacticsEdit

  • The Elite Muton is a huge target, focus on him first before doing anything else. The distance rule when engaging Mutons should be taken even more seriously with these beasts as they can leap towards the player's team when in range.
  • Use the Support Class' Weaken to remove much of the Elite Muton's armor, softening him up for further attacks.
  • A Blaster Launcher, some mines or turret fire can help greatly when these Mutons are in play.


Elite Mutons first appears near the end of Chapter V: Crack in the World.