An Elerium Core is a loot item in XCOM 2.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

These small, self-contained samples of Elerium are used to power the aliens' beam weapons. We could use them to power a variety of advanced weapons, armors and munitions.

Proving Ground projectsEdit

Elerium Cores are required for every single Proving Ground project, with the sole exception of the Skulljack.


  • The main source of Elerium Cores is Loot (XCOM 2) drops. Consider the Vulture Guerrilla Tactics School upgrade to slightly increase your chances of gaining an Elerium Core from a mission. If you're hunting Cores, be cautious when using explosives to kill enemies as this can destroy the mission's one Loot drop; consider using explosives to soften up enemies instead so that directed weapons can be used to finish them.
  • You can also obtain Elerium Cores as a reward for certain kinds of missions, such as landed UFOs or Supply Raids.

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