EMP Grenade
Inv Emp Grenade
Requires Bluescreen Protocol
Required Resources §50 (§50)
Blast Radius 4
Base Damage 6
Effective Range 12

The EMP Grenade is a grenade in XCOM. EMP Grenades ignore armor when dealing damage. They only affect robotic units.

Tactical Info Edit

  • The following types of enemies that can be affected by EMP: Turrets, MECs, Sectopods, Gatekeepers, Codexes, Andromedon Shells and Shieldbearers
  • EMP Grenade also has a chance to cause shutdown on some robotic units. This makes it a weapon of choice when dealing with tough robotic enemies, allowing XCOM squads a little more time to deal with the threats in the area.
  • It may lower the hacking defense, allowing Specialists to easily hack them in order to shutdown or take control with the Haywire Protocol.
  • ADVENT Shieldbearers don't take any damage from the effects of the EMP but it will collapse the Energy Shield on any enemies given by it.

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