EMP Bomb
Inv Emp GrenadeMK2
Requires Advanced Explosives
Required Resources §50 (§60)
Blast Radius 5
Base Damage 10
Effective Range 12

An EMP Bomb is an explosive weapon and utility item in XCOM 2.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

The upgraded EMP Bomb deals a massive amount of damage to robotic and mechanical targets. Even those that survive the initial damage can be temporarily shut down and unable to function. Organic enemies are immune to the EMP Effect.

Tactical InfoEdit

  • EMP Bombs, Upgraded from EMP Grenades, deal even greater damage in a greater radius to mechanical enemies.
  • EMP Bombs ignore armor when dealing damage.
  • EMP Bombs Can be thrown or launched considerably further than standard grenades.


  • The EMP Bomb are the upgraded version of EMP Grenades
  • EMP Bombs/Grenades deal damage to Codex. It also can stun or disorient them.
  • Make robotic enemies easier to hack, reducing tech score by 10.
  • The EMP Bomb will also remove the shield granted by the ADVENT Shieldbearer energy shield on any target, regardless if they are mechanical.

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