E.X.O. Suit
Type Heavy armor
Requires E.X.O Suit Project
Cost 2 (4) ADVENT Trooper Corpses
1 Elerium Core
5 (10) Alien Alloys
5 (10) Elerium Crystals
Health +5
Armor 1

An E.X.O. Suit is a heavy armor in XCOM 2.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

This heavy armor combines reinforced ADVENT plating with a powered exoskeleton, offering superior protection and damage resistance coupled with a wrist-mounted rocket launcher. With further study we could unlock additional heavy weapon options for this suit.

Tactical InfoEdit

  • As a heavy-class armor system, the E.X.O. Suit allows a soldier to mount a Heavy Weapon.
  • Only the Rocket Launcher is available initially; Additional heavy weapons projects in the Proving Grounds will unlock more heavy weapon systems for construction.

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