E.X.O. Suit
Type Heavy armor
Requires E.X.O Suit Project
Cost 2 (4) ADVENT Trooper Corpses
1 Elerium Core
5 (10) Alien Alloys
5 (10) Elerium Crystals
Health +5
Armor 1

An E.X.O. Suit is a heavy armor in XCOM 2.


This heavy armor combines reinforced ADVENT plating with a powered exoskeleton, offering superior protection and damage resistance coupled with a wrist-mounted rocket launcher. With further study we could unlock additional heavy weapon options for this suit.

–In-game description.

The E.X.O Suit is typically the first heavy armor the player obtains. It provides an extra health and armor point over the Predator Armor, and can mount a single Heavy Weapon, however it does not provide an extra slot for utilities. It can be considered a direct upgrade over the Predator Armor if one of the utility slots used by the soldier is a Frag Grenade; the default Rocket Launcher does more damage and grants the soldier extra durability.

The E.X.O. Suit is best equipped on units that use heavy ordinance or are typically under fire, like Grenadiers or Rangers.

Tactical InfoEdit

  • As a heavy-class armor system, the E.X.O. Suit allows a soldier to mount a Heavy Weapon.
  • Only the Rocket Launcher is available initially; Additional heavy weapons projects in the Proving Grounds will unlock more heavy weapon systems for construction.

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