Drone Capture

Drone Capture is a Foundry project in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

We're confident that our Arc Throwers could be upgraded to allow the capture of enemy Drones, giving us control of the flying drones for the remainder of the combat mission.

Project RequirementsEdit

Prerequisites:  Arc Thrower (Research), Drone Autopsy (Research)
Time to Complete:  7 days
Engineers:  10

Project Cost:

Research Credits and Bonuses:

 Name  Type  Reward  Adjusted Requirement
 All Technology Research Credit -50% Time 3.5 days
 Future Combat Continent Bonus (Asia) -50% Credits §87


  • Despite the project's title mentioning the "capture" of Drones, the player will only be able to control them during the current mission and not be able to interrogate them afterwards.
  • Captured Drones have a overload ability that can damage nearby objects.
  • Captured Drones will explode at the end of the mission. Such Drones, and ones that self-destructed will leave behind a Drone Wreck even after their unconventional destruction, so if you are in need of collecting said items you don't need to reconsider.
  • Captured Drones can use a medium to long range repair beam on the player's MECs or S.H.I.V.s which restores 3 HP per turn.
  • They can't overwatch.

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