Dragon Rounds
Type Ammo
Prerequisite Experimental Ammo
Required Resources Elerium Core
Damage +1
Effect Inflicts Burning

Dragon Rounds are a utility item in XCOM 2.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Capped with a highly combustible mini-charge, Dragon Rounds do bonus damage to all targets and can even set some targets alight.

Tactical InfoEdit

  • These rounds do extra damage and have a chance to set targets aflame.


  • Adds a Burning effect when hitting an enemy (%chance unknown), except robotic units. Enemies affected by burning may be severely limited in their capabilities, depending on their species and class.

  • Works well with Specialists to give them a damage boost.
  • Works well with long range Snipers to pick targets and set them aflame.
  • Works well with Pistol-focused Sharpshooters to apply Burning on multiple targets in one turn

See AlsoEdit

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