Distortion Field
Distortion Field Icon
Class MEC Trooper
Rank Support inherited
Alt. Choice None

Distortion Field is an inherited MEC Trooper ability in XCOM: Enemy Within. This particular ability is gained if the soldier was originally a Support Class.

Nearby allies in cover receive +10 Defense.

– In-Game Description, XCOM: Enemy Within


  • Distortion Field generates a visible "circle" around the MEC that signifies the range of the Field (around 4 tiles), and allies benefiting from the effect will also have a visual effect on them.
  • Distortion Field does not require a line of sight and can go through any obstacle, including walls; this means that allies that are not in the same room as the MEC can also benefit from the field as long as they are within range.
  • It seems that Distortion Field has a cylindrical shape rather than a spherical shape. Allies that are not on the same horizontal level (i.e. the same floor) can also benefit from its effect.
    • The bonus cannot stack. Having a soldier take cover within the radius of multiple distortion fields will still only yield a +10 bonus to Defense.
  • Unlike Smoke Grenade, Distortion Field does not affect any aliens within its radius.
  • During the Skyranger landing sequence before missions, the Distortion Field "circle" can be seen extending out of the Skyranger if a Support Class MEC Trooper is part of the strike team.

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