Defense Matrix
XCOM2 facility defensematrix
Required Resources §75 (§150)
Required Power 2
Time to Build 14 days
Monthly Upkeep §10

The Defense Matrix is a facility in XCOM 2.

Two Turrets assist in Avenger Defense missions. While staffed with an engineer the turrets have better stats. On Commander difficulty the Turrets for a staffed facility have 85 Aim, 8 Health, 2 Armor and 8-10 damage, and can fire twice per turn. Turrets will be weaker without a staffed engineer.

Upgrade: Quad TurretsEdit

Install additional turrets on the Avenger, which will help us defend against any ground assaults.

– In-game description

  • Costs: §75 (§125), 2 Power
  • Provides: Two extra turrets with the same stats.

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