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Dark Events are a game mechanic in XCOM 2 that represents the aliens' progress toward completion of their Avatar Project or counter-insurgency activities efforts aimed at disrupting XCOM's activities.

At any given time, the aliens can be working towards up to three Dark Events, each with an individual timer. Which ones are currently active can be viewed on the global map under the Dark Events button at the top, along with estimated timers until next Avatar facility construction and next Resistance Strike crackdown.

Dark Events can be countered by Guerilla Ops, of which typically one will be offered per month. Choosing which ones you will have to let go and which ones you can't stand seeing fire can be just as important as the reward offered for each individual Guerilla Op.

Dark Event TypesEdit

  • ADVENT Alloy Padding: ADVENT invests in improving their battle gear, adding armor to some of their soldiers in the field. (May accurately add health to these units.)
ADVENT scientists seem to have taken note of our own soldier's advances and strive not to be outdone.

–Dr. Tygan, XCOM 2

  • ADVENT Midnight Raids: ADVENT cracks down on Resistance recruitment, increasing the cost of recruits by 100% for a month.
XCOM is nothing without the fighting spirit of willing men and women.

–Central Officer Bradford, XCOM 2

  • ADVENT Rural Checkpoints: ADVENT stifles the movement of Resistance resources, decreasing the supplies of the next supply drop by 50%.
  • Alien Cypher: Increases all intel costs by 100% for a month.
The Aliens have come to realize the power of information and seek to safeguard it from prying eyes.

–Dr. Tygan, XCOM 2

  • Alien Infiltrator: The Aliens hide in ambush among the populace, placing hidden Faceless enemies on each mission for a month.
  • Avatar Project: Minor Breakthrough: Adds 1 block to the Avatar Project progress meter.
I'm afraid they are not experimenting anymore. They are excelling.

–Dr. Tygan, XCOM 2

  • Avatar Project: Major Breakthrough: Adds 2 blocks to the Avatar Project progress meter.
  • Hunt XCOM: A UFO hunts the Avenger.
If they keep imprisoning and torturing people, eventually someone's gonna talk.

–Chief Shen, XCOM 2

  • Infestation: ADVENT seeks to overwhelm XCOM, guaranteeing Chryssalids on each mission for a month.
  • New Construction: The Aliens step up their construction efforts, reducing the Alien Facility counter by 2 weeks.
If the aliens go any faster, well... this whole thing could get out of hand pretty quickly.

–Chief Shen, XCOM 2

  • Rapid Response: Guarantees ADVENT reinforcements on all Guerrilla Ops.
The last thing we need is more ADVENT dropping in on top of us.

–Central Officer Bradford, XCOM 2

  • Resistance Informant: The Aliens find a mole within the Resistance, reducing the Retaliation counter by 2 weeks.
What do you do when the people you're trying to protect, that my dad died to protect, turn against you?

–Chief Shen, XCOM 2

  • Show of Force: ADVENT aims to crush XCOM through numbers, adding more enemies to each mission.
We were already outnumbered. Now it's worse."

–Central Officer Bradford, XCOM 2

  • Vigiliance: Increases the detection radii of all enemy units.
Things are going to get a lot tougher if we can't even sneak up on the bastards.

–Central Officer Bradford, XCOM 2

  • Viper Rounds: ADVENT infuses its munitions with Viper toxin, making all enemy shots deal poison damage for a month.
It takes all we have to keep up with enemy weaponry as it is, without them causing our troops to asphyxiate.

–Dr. Tygan, XCOM 2

Upcoming Dark EventsEdit

After each monthly debriefing, the player is informed about Dark Events currently being prepared. If an event has successfully been triggered, it will be replaced with a Hidden Event in the upcoming month. The player is given a chance to invest 20 Intel to reveal what type of event is coming up, this cost can also be paid at any point until the event is set in motion. These Intel costs are subject to any active Intel-cost penalties. If the player opted not to reveal the nature of any Hidden Events, it will not be until the next month that the opportunity to do so returns. In addition, each monthly report only allows for one Hidden Event to be revealed.



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