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Danger Zone
XEU Heavy DangerZone
Class Heavy
Rank Captain
Alt. Choice Grenadier

Danger Zone is an ability of the Heavy Class in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Increases area of effect on Suppression and all rocket attacks by 2 tiles.

– In-Game Description, XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Tactical InfoEdit

  • Danger Zone's tile radius / AoE size increase is transformative, effectively extending the rockets' reach, and (potentially) grants reactive fire against multiple suppressed targets at once.
    • Fire Rocket / Shredder Rocket: +2 tile radius (the base tile radius is raised from 4 to 6; increasing the effective area from 16 to 36). This increases the Rocket's effect from a moderate 11x11 target area, to a large 13x13 area.
    • Suppression: +2 tile radius (the base tile radius is raised from 1 to 3; increasing the effective area from 1 to 12). This increases the Suppression effect from a single 1x1 target area, to a small 5x5 area.


  • Catching two enemies in Suppression is fairly common. Although rare, it is possible for a Heavy to get three or more enemies at once.

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