XCOM EW CovertOp ExtractionObjective
Covert Extraction
is a new mission type introduced in XCOM: Enemy Within under the Covert Operations banner.

Mission BriefEdit

Our Covert Operative is ready for extraction. The operative holds intel about the location of the EXALT base, so safe conduct back to base is essential.

Mission ObjectivesEdit

XComEW EXALT Comm Array

EXALT Comm Relay

  • Rendezvous with our covert operative
  • The operative you sent in earlier must hack two EXALT comm arrays
  • After the intel is secure, escort our operative to safety
  • Elimination of EXALT forces is not a primary objective


  • Your squad typically starts near the extraction zone while the Covert Operative starts on the opposite side of the map.
  • While four EXALT communication relays will be scattered across the map, two will specifically be marked for your operative to hack. Hacking two indicated relays will temporarily reduce EXALT agent capabilities for one turn and will help complete the mission.
  • Should the operative be killed the mission objective defaults to "All soldiers report to the EVAC zone", but counts the same as aborting the mission.


  • Panic reduction in country where mission takes place
  • Credits
  • EXALT Intel
  • EXALT weapons


  • Due to a bug, it is possible a Covert Operative may die from "Unknown Trauma" even if their mission is successful. A Covert Operative may even reach the extraction point at full health, without having taken a single hit, while there are no enemies on the map and still die of unknown reasons. There is no known reason for this.

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