Combat Stims

Combat Stims are an item in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

This powerful stimulant cocktail derived from a chemical found in the glands of a Muton Berserker provides a temporary boost to several of our soldier's vital statistics.

– Engineering description, XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Production SpecificationsEdit

Prerequisites: Berserker Autopsy (Research)

Production Time: Immediate

Production Cost:

Tactical InfoEdit

Uses per mission: 2

  • Strengthens the user's Will against panic (+40 Will) for 2 turns
  • Reduces incoming damage by 50% and provides immunity to Critical Hits during the next 2 enemy turns
  • Increases Mobility by 3 for 2 turns
  • Contrary to the in-game description, Combat Stims are not limited to one use. Beware though, the interface does not indicate the remaining number of uses.
  • Using Combat Stims ends the soldier's turn.


  • Can only be used by a soldier on itself.
  • Soldier with Mimetic Skin can use Combat Stims without breaking concealment.
  • Unaffected by Deep Pockets in XCOM: Enemy Within.
  • Combat Stims can come in handy on Terror Missions, since the bonus movement makes it more likely you'll get to a civilian in time. The damage reduction and critical hit immunity are very useful as your troops will probably have to stay in the open or behind low cover.
  • Most useful on a Major or higher ranked Assault wearing Titan Armor due to their higher HP and aptitude for close-quarters combat. It allows them to tank virtually any attack without using cover. Exposing one such soldier and using Combat Stims can potentially save the lives of their teammates, as enemies tend to take shots with the highest chance to hit.
  • Combat Stims do nothing to enhance the user's damage-dealing ability. They require a turn to use, taking away an opportunity for the soldier to shoot, and reducing the team's damage potential for the turn.

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