Combat Drugs
XEU Support CombatDrugs
Class Support
Rank Captain
Alt. Choice Dense Smoke

Combat Drugs is an ability of the Support Class in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Smoke Grenades now contain powerful stimulants that grant +20 Will and +10% critical chance for all units in the cloud.

– In-Game Description, XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Aim BonusEdit

Combat Drugs also adds a hidden +20 Aim bonus to any unit in the smoke cloud.

An example of Combat Drugs used in multiplayer demonstrating Aim before and after the smoke cloud:

Example Video

Xcom Multiplayer PvP - Doberfitz vs gibblet 7108:47

Xcom Multiplayer PvP - Doberfitz vs gibblet 71

Notes Edit

  • In XCOM: Enemy Within, the hidden +20 Aim bonus has been removed.
  • Smoke enhanced by Combat Drugs is easily identified by the white powder within the effect area.
  • The will bonus granted by combat drugs does in fact register against psionic attacks(at the very least mind control). Although it may not show it.

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