The Colonel rank is the seventh and final rank available to soldiers. Having a soldier at this rank also unlocks Don't Die On Me for purchase at the Officer Training School (replaced with Lead By Example in XCOM: Enemy Within).

Abilities at this rankEdit

Class Abilities Description
XEU ClassAssault
XEU Assault Resilience  Resilience Confers immunity to critical hits.
XEU Assault KillerInstinct  Killer Instinct Activating Run & Gun now also grants +50% Critical damage for the rest of the turn.
XEU ClassHeavy
XEU Heavy Rocketeer  Rocketeer Allows 1 additional standard rocket to be fired per battle.
Mayhem  Mayhem Confers additional damage based on weapon tech level to suppression and all area-effect abilities.
XEW ClassMECTrooper
MEC Trooper
XComEW Absorption Fields icon  Absorption Fields Any hit that does more damage than 33% of the MEC's maximum health is reduced to that number.
XComEW Reactive Targeting Sensors icon  Reactive Targeting Sensors MEC gets a free shot back at the first enemy who attacks the MEC each turn, provided there's enough ammo to do so.
XEU ClassSniper
In The Zone  In The Zone Killing a flanked or uncovered target with the sniper rifle does not cost an action.
XEU Sniper DoubleTap  Double Tap Allows both actions to be used for Standard Shot, Headshot, or Disabling Shot, provided no moves were made. The second shot must be taken immediately after the first. 1 turn cooldown.
XEU ClassSupport
XEU Support Savior  Savior Medikits restore 4 more health per use.
XEU Support Sentinel  Sentinel Allows two reaction shots during Overwatch instead of one.

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