The Codex Brain is a research project in XCOM 2. It can be researched in the Shadow Chamber after obtaining one from a slain Codex.

In-Game DescriptionEdit


This bio-mechanical component, what we've referred to as the "Brain," is all that remains of the Codex our forces encountered in the field. We should endeavor to extract whatever information we can, time is of the essence.

Project Report Edit

Codename: Rubik

The Codex iteslf is a remarkable entity, far beyond our expectations of what a sentient, biological organism could or should be. Our limited exposure to it leaves a number of open questions, and as it appears to phase or flux out of our visible spectrum, it will undoubtedly prove to be a difficult specimen to study. In any case, our troops were able to recover what can only be described as the Codex "Brain," a central processing unit encompassing data storage, communications, tactical control, as well as a host of other functions we've yet to identify.

With the Shadow Chamber in place, Shen and I conducted a thorough, albeit difficult series of experiments to unravel the mysteries of the device. Through a series of high-frequency exposures, we were successful in forcing the Codex to reveal itself, beyond the confines of the Brain alone. Shen expressed varying concerns about the well-being of the Codex, as it appeared to be responding, and even resisting, our efforts to decrypt the data and access the ADVENT network. I assured her any indication of pain or active intolerance of our testing was merely a byproduct of the procedure. Before the Codex destroyed iteslf, along with our containment area, we did manage to recover a subset of the data containing what appears to be a set of map coordinates. it will take more time to work through the remaining fragments, but in the interim we have a lead to pursue. R. Tygan.

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