The Claymore is an grenade-type weapon introduced in the XCOM 2 expansion, War of the Chosen.

Tactical Info Edit

Claymores can be targeted by squadmates.

Claymores allow the Reaper to be part of an ambush without risking being revealed.

Description Edit

Claymores are the secondary weapon used by Reaper units. They are grenade-type weapons that can be deployed without breaking the Reaper's concealment and then be shot to deal explosive damage to nearby units. They allow the Reaper to participate in an ambush without breaking their own concealment.

Many of the Reaper's skills, such as Distraction, Shrapnel, and Homing Mine, all affect the Claymore ability. Reapers initially start off with a single Claymore charge but can gain another one through the Highlands skill.

When a Claymore is deployed, it counts as an environmental explosive; any allied unit can target it for a guaranteed hit. However, Reapers cannot target Claymores with Remote Start. A Reaper shooting a Claymore will not break Shadow concealment, but other XCOM units shooting a Claymore will break their concealment. Claymores can also be activated by grenades making it a devastating option for crowd control. Furthermore, a Claymore detonation will deal bonus damage to The Chosen with a weakness to Reapers, regardless of how it is set off.