Chryssalid Poison is a status effect in XCOM 2. It can be inflicted on any biological target that isn't immune to Poisoned by the melee attack of a Chryssalid. It functions very similarly to the Poisoned status effect, inflicting the same penalties, dealing the same damage, and can be prevented and cured in the same ways. However, there are differences.

Chryssalid Poison lasts indefinitely until it is cured or the poison kills the unit. Upon being killed, the unit's corpse becomes A Chryssalid Cocoon. Therefore, it is highly recommended to cure Chryssalid Poison whenever it is inflicted on one of your soldiers.

Effects Edit

  • -30 penalty to Aim, -6 penalty to Mobility
  • 1 damage per turn
  • Spawns a Chryssalid Cocoon when unit is killed
  • Infinite Duration

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