There are various bonuses and penalties that can affect soldiers and enemies in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Bonuses and TraitsEdit

Modifier Description
XComEW Adrenaline Surge icon  Adrenaline Surge EW This unit is wounded, triggering an adrenaline surge. (+10 Aim, +10 critical chance)
XComEW Aggression icon  Aggression Units with Aggression receive a +10 bonus to critical hit chance for each enemy in sight (maximum +30).
Airborn  Airborne Flying units can bypass ground obstacles. They can remain in flight if they have sufficient fuel.
XComEW Blood Frenzied icon  Blood Frenzied Units frenzied by Blood Call have +10 bonuses to Aim and Will, and a bonus +4 to mobility.
XComEW Bring Em On icon  Bring 'Em On: Active Enemies in sight! +1 damage on critical hits for each such enemy.
XComEW Combat Drugs icon  Combat Drugs Units in smoke that has been infused with Combat Drugs receive +20 Will and +10 critical chance.
XComEW Combat Phermones icon  Combat Pheromones EW Receiving bonuses: +10 Aim, +5 critical chance, and +1 movement.
XComEW Combat Stimmed icon  Combat Stimmed Units under the influence of Combat Stims are less likely to panic, move faster, and take 50% less damage from all sources. (+40 Will against Panic, +3 movement)
XComEW Council Medal of Honor critical icon  Council Medal of Honor EW +10 Aim and Critical Chance if not within 7 tiles of an allied unit.
XComEW Damn Good Ground icon  Damn Good Ground This unit gains +10 Aim and +10 Defense against enemies at lower elevation, in addition to the usual elevation bonuses.
XComEW Dense Smoke icon  Dense Smoke Units in dense smoke receive an additional +20 Defense.
XComEW Distortion Field icon  Distortion Field EW Inside an ally's Distortion Field, receiving +10 Defense.
Elevated Ground  Elevated Ground All units receive offensive bonuses against enemies on lower ground. +20 Aim Bonus.
XEU AlienAbility Evasion  Evasion Enemies targeting this unit when it is airborne suffer a -20 Aim penalty.
XComEW Ghost Mode icon  Ghost Mode: Active Stealthed units are much harder for enemies to see, and receive a bonus to their critical chance (requires Ghost Armor/Grenade).
XComEW Greater Mind Merge bonus status icon  Greater Mind Merge Psionically assisting any nearby Sectoids, granting them +25% critical chance and +1 health.
XComEW Hardened bonus status icon  Hardened Hardened units receive extra protection against critical hits. Reduces the chance of suffering a critical hit by 60%.
XComEW Hyper-Reactive Pupils icon  Hyper-Reactive Pupils EW +10 Aim due to previous miss.
XComEW International Service Cross aim icon  International Service Cross EW +2 Aim per continent bonus XCOM has earned.
XComEW International Service Cross will icon  International Service Cross EW +2 Will per different nationality in the squad.
XComEW Inside Telekinetic Field icon  Inside Telekinetic Field Units protected by a Telekinetic Field receive +40 Defense.
XComEW Inspired icon  Inspired Will increased by the inspiration of a psionic ally (+30 for 2 turns).
XComEW Iron Skin icon  Iron Skin EW All damage taken is reduced by 25%.
XComEW Low Profile icon  Low Profile Units with Low Profile treat partial cover as full.
XComEW Mimetic Skin icon  Mimetic Skin EW Currently concealed from enemy view. Moving in front of enemies again or firing will reveal the unit.
XComEW Mind Control icon  Mind Control Using Mind Control allows control of an enemy unit.
XComEW Mind Merge icon  Mind Merge Psionically assisting an ally, granting the ally an array of stat bonuses.
XComEW Mind Merge icon  Mind Merged Sectoid: Receiving psionic assistance from an ally, gaining +25 critical chance and +1 health.
Mechtoid: Receiving psionic assistance from an ally, gaining a psionic force shield and 50% damage reduction while the shield is up.
XComEW Nearby Leader icon  Nearby Leader EW The squad leader is nearby, improving this unit's Will.
XEU AbilityPlaceholder  Poison Immune This unit cannot be poisoned.
XComEW Reinforced Armor bonus icon  Reinforced Armor EW All damage taken is reduced by 50%. (Sectopods)
XEU Assault Resilience  Resilience This unit is immune to critical hits.
XEU AbilityPlaceholder  Robotic This unit cannot be affected by fire, poison and most Psionic abilities.
XComEW Running and Gunning icon  Running & Gunning Units under the effect of Run & Gun may fire after Dashing.
XComEW Smoke Coverage icon  Smoke Coverage Units in smoke receive +20 Defense.
XComEW Star of Terra will icon  Star of Terra EW Entire squad receives +5 Will and +5 Defense in battle. Robotic units receive only the Defense bonus.
XEU AlienAbility StunImmune  Stun Immune This unit cannot be stunned.
XComEW Tactical Sense icon  Tactical Sense: Active Units with Tactical Sense receive a +5 defensive bonus for each enemy in sight (maximum +20).
XComEW Urban Combat Badge aim icon  Urban Combat Badge EW +5 Aim against enemies in full cover.
XComEW Urban Combat Badge defense icon  Urban Combat Badge EW +5 Defense when in cover.
XComEW Will to Survive icon  Will to Survive: Active In cover and not flanked: incoming damage is reduced by 2.


Modifier Description
XComEW Battle Fatigue icon  Battle Fatigue This unit has suffered combat wounds, weakening its Will (if the loss is less than 50% of the unit's total health: -5 Will; if more than 50%: -10 Will).
XComEW Catching Breath icon  Catching Breath EW This unit is recovering from strangulation, and has -75% mobility and -50 Aim.
XComEW Critically Wounded icon  Critically Wounded Critically wounded units will bleed out after a short time unless Stabilized or Revived by a Medikit.
XComEW Disoriented icon  Disoriented EW This unit was in a Flashbang explosion, suffering -50 Aim and -50% Movement penalties.
XComEW Electropulsed icon  Electropulsed EW This unit has been disabled by electropulse.
Elevated Ground (Penalty)  Elevated Ground An enemy unit has elevated position and can see this unit. Enemies can see you.
XComEW Fallen Comrades icon  Fallen Comrades An ally has fallen, weakening this unit's Will (-5 per death).
XComEW Hallucinating icon  Hallucinating Units subject to Mindfray suffer penalties to Aim, Will, and mobility.
XComEW Halo Targeting icon  Holo-Targeting: Active Marked with Holo-Targeting: easier for all enemies to hit.
XComEW Mind Controlled icon  Mind Controlled Mind Controlled units are under the enemy side's control.
XComEW Panicked icon  Panicked Panicked units have a chance to move or act unpredictably.
XComEW Poisoned icon  Poisoned Poisoned units take 1 damage at the start of their turn, and suffer a -20 Aim penalty and -3 movement penalty. Lasts 2 turns; being poisoned again while already poisoned resets the duration.
XComEW Rift icon  Rift Units in a Rift take moderate damage during the first turn and much more on the next turn if they remain in the affected area. High Will can reduce the damage; low Will can make it worse.
XComEW Sentinel Module Disabled icon  Sentinel Module Disabled A critical hit has disabled the Sentinel Module's circuitry. Affected SHIVs lose the HP regeneration and close quarters reaction fire capabilities conferred by the Sentinel Drone Foundry upgrade.
XComEW Shredded icon  Shredded Units hit by a Shredder Rocket take +33% increased damage from all sources for 4 turns.
XComEU Snap Shot Offensive Penalty icon  Snap Shot: Penalty Units with Snap Shot that move before firing suffer a -20 Aim penalty on sniper rifle shots. (-10 Aim in XCOM: Enemy Within.)
XComEW Suppressed icon  Suppressed Suppressed units take a -30 Aim penalty, and will be subject to reaction fire from the suppressing target upon moving.

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