The Bolt Caster is a weapon exclusive to XCOM 2's Alien Hunters DLC. It is classified as an assault rifle

In-Game Description Edit

"Discovered among a cache of seemingly archaic weaponry, the Bolt Caster is deceptively powerful but limited by a slow rate of fire. Targeted enemies have a chance of being stunned on impact. This weapon is unique, and cannot be duplicated or replaced."

In-Game info Edit

  • The Bolt Caster's precision makes it more powerful than a standard Assault Rifle.
  • Each attack has a chance to stun the target, and cannot be dodged.
  • Genetically-empowered aliens are highly susceptible to being stunned.
  • Launches a single, high-damage projectile, but must be reloaded after each use

"They only provide a single-shot action, but this thing hits hard. Even an edge hit could potentially stun the target." -Central

In-game effects Edit

  • Negates Dodge stat and related abilities for enemies when aiming.
  • Chance to stun target with every hit, though it works a lot better on organics
  • The single-shot nature of this gun makes it impratical for Overwatch or Supression.

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